On The Road Again….

OK…. Well I’m not literally on the road driving somewhere…. but my feet were and I was running…. 

It felt awesome to get back into something that I once loved to do…  So I went to the walkway over the Hudson.  2 days ago I almost ran the majority of half the walkway…. well maybe a little less than that, but it’s the effort that counts.  Today I ran all of half of it, and lets hope for the same tomorrow.

I had an amazing chat with a lady sitting on a bench when I got done to stretch.  At first she asked me why in god’s name was I wearing a long sleeve shirt in the middle of summer to work out in.  Not sure that I still have a good explanation, I told her that I’ve always worked out in them just felt right.  Then oddly the conversation got deep…. we started talking about life….. this…. and that….  Then she said something that stuck with me… She told me “You are a very sweet boy, but I need to learn to get out of my own way and enjoy what is going on around me.”  That’s it…. then she said goodbye and walked away….

To rewind for a minute, I have not been in the best frame of mind lately, actually I’ve been quite negative.  Sam can attest to that….  And really I thank my stars that she puts up with my shit and listens to me…  But That lady was right…  I need to get out of my own way and enjoy anything and everything…  I had a great drive home, even better was Sadie waiting by the door for me when I got home…. Made my day.

So if you take anything away from my stupid rant….  Enjoy every moment you have…. Whether it’s your last or not….  otherwise you’re a big grump like the next guy…


Back to the grind….

Today was back to the daily grind…. Everywhere I worked in the past I always felt bad taking a vacation, because there never seems like a good time to take one… But luckily everything went well while I was on my midwest tour.

I now realize that I may have left some details of the journey out, like we all finally found cowboy hats, I would totally recommend Kentucky to anyone heading that direction, Tennessee sounds like an awesome place and I want to check that out soon…. Which reminds me….. Everyone I met, whether it was a tour guide or random person doing their everyday thing was incredibly nice, which makes me feel disgustingly jaded…. I mean I feel a certain sense of pride of the title “New Yorker” but makes me think there might be something wrong with it….. Just a thought…

So moving on from trip stuff…. I went for a run afterwork today and it felt great. I ran for almost half of the walkway over the Hudson… I forgot how nice it is…. The last time I went was like 2 years ago… Also cooked an awesome dinner and made lunch for myself tomorrow…. No idea where this motivation came from but I like it and hope it stays for awhile.

As for now I’m off to sing in the shower….



Well after I woke up from my 2 hour nap this morning, I did some laundry and tried to get stuff organized for the week, it’s back to the daily grind….

Looking back at things that happened, the phrase the grass is always greener comes to mind… like never to take route 81 thru Virginia ever again. But after this trip, I learned some things about myself and about how things naturally unfold. Looking forward I feel that I’m ready to make some personal changes to keep me rollin’

First of what I can only hope will be many road trips down. Going to let this one sink in first then start planning the next one.


Home sweet home

2500 miles and 45 hours later I am finally home….

We left Sandusky this morning to head to the rock and roll hall of fame. I must say that I wasn’t impressed… Everything seemed out of order and just thrown together. It was cool to see things warn and or played by musicians past and present but it wasn’t as ominous as I expected….

After we left their we met of on Mary Ann’s friends in Columbus for dinner. After that we decided to red eye it home… We left there around 8pm and I just walked in the door about 15 minutes ago…

That’s all for now, recap later…



Well… The weather on our trip has been quite odd…. Let me rant for a minute on that…. We are literally killing our planet, we need to do our part to help out, the weather patterns aren’t changing because they feel like it… Our planet is trying to heal itself… Just my opinion…

Well as you may already know from reading an earlier post we went to cedar point today. The park is on a small peninsula that sticks out onto lake erie. With rain in the forecast for most of the day we decided to risk it because of travel reasons. We get to the park and right after we got our tickets it starts to rain. All the rides were closed because of the weather and they weren’t sure when they were going to open them. So thinking about Murphy’s law, and those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. Murphy – anything that does go wrong will go wrong, we bought some ponchos. Right after our $5 purchase the rain stopped, shocking. We went on some amazing rides like the magnum XL (which I tried to find a shot glass for Tj but sadly they didn’t have any), not made by trojan, and the maverick. All the rides that I went on were awesome. Right after we grabbed something to eat we went on 1 more ride then those lovely dark rain clouds that we have been looking at for the past few days started to cover the park. So we stopped and picked up some gifts for family and came back to the hotel.

Being that we were staying in the same hotel as the night before we came back and decided to veg. I took a dip in the pool and hot tub with Ginger, while Mary Ann did some laundry. After that we all showered and went to dinner. Had some delicious pasta and grabbed some drinks. All and all a great day just hanging in Sandusky.

So let’s do a quick recap…. Kentucky is apparently an amazing state, we found tons more things that we could have done while there but didn’t have the time, and I was quite impressed with what the south has to offer. The only thing I am upset about is that I didn’t get to pick up a cowboy hat while down there. Didn’t spend a ton of time in Indiana, but the wind farms were cool and the farm land is beautiful. Chicago is an amazing city, it’s pretty and it’s the only city that I think I could ever picture myself living in. It doesn’t have the NYC nastiness and the it has some awesome beach areas that totally trump anything that the NJ shore has to offer. Plus my man gabriel could always drive me around the city while i try to hook him up. I think if I lived in a city like that I might actually become a baseball fan, there’s something in the air their that gives that old school baseball energy, and might even follow the cubs. Don’t y’all worry, I would still be a faithful giants fan. I found out over dinner that tommy boy wasn’t even filmed in ohio, which seems kinda messed up, but I do also realize that it is only a movie….. So sadly no Callahan auto parts.

Our small trip was all about the adventure and not so much about seeing everything to be seen…. Leaves something to the imagination and makes me want to come back for more…. There is something to be said about the unknown…. It’s unknown. I would defiantly come back to these areas and see different things. All in all some amazing experiences with some awesome friends…. Exciting stuff if you ask me.

Tomorrow we’re off to the rock and roll hall of fame, then off to Columbus to meet up with a friend of Mary Ann’s for dinner, then we start our journey home… Hopefully we can make it back into NYS then we’ll spend the night and have a shorter trip back on Sunday…

For now…. Gilligan out




Snoop a loop

We’re at cedar point park this morning. It’s a nice day and only like 20 minutes of driving today.

It started to rain earlier but over all nice day for some coasters.

I feel like my age is showing a bit… The highs are starting to get to me.

More later…



Bottom of the sea….

So we are in the worlds most hellish storm… We are pulled over on the side of 80/90 under an over pass….

National weather service said that there is going to be pea sized hail…. While Mary Ann is singing we all live in a red submarine.

The problem is that the storm is moving very slowly and as we wait for to pass, sadly we will catch up to it again….

Side note I find it funny how hail sounds a lot like hell….


Please wait one more moment… I’m checking on that…

So the day started off pretty awesome… Found some cock roaches crawling in our hotel room… Maybe that’s why the room was only $61 after taxes….

We had a short drive to the windy city. Only took us about 2 hoursish. The coolest part of that ride was we passed thru a humongous, and by that I mean really, really, really big, wind farm. That is a modern marvel of modern engineering, yes I know that was redundant. They as quite awesome to look at and know that they are trying to help save what form of a planet we have left.

Once we got there we got inline for our tickets to the skydeck. Its the tallest building in the western hemisphere, or so said the website. When you get there you literally take elevators around the building (well up and down… Elevators that go around the building would be awesome). You go down to the basement to get your tickets then up to the top. 103 floors up and only 60 seconds in the elevator. Once at the top we could only see about 5-6 miles in each direction, not a perfect weather day for Chicago. The view was still beautiful. You can see the majority of the city and the, for lack of a better term, sea port for lake Michigan. While on the 103rd floor they built in these state of the art glass boxes. You actually stand in a glass box that projects 5′ off the side of the building and you can look straight down…. It was quite freaky and awesome all at the same time. While standing there you get is feeling that the floor could give out any minute. Needless to say I took quite the group of pictures, I’ll post them later, so I can make some awesome panoramas of the city. Also got TJ some more shot glasses for his collection.

After we waited in line again to get down from the top floor then back up to street level, all by elevators, we started to walk to millennium park. On the way we stopped at Al’s beef. They won awards for their beef and hot dogs in a multitude of magazines. I ordered 2 Chicago style dogs. Luscious Vienna beef dog with mustard, Chicago style relish, peppers, and celery salt… Holy Jesus, I still have Niagara falls going on in my mouth just thinking about them. Little did I know when ordering that both came with a side of fries. Clearly I wasn’t thinking when ordering and forgot a drink, but let’s be honest when you put something that delicious in front of me I might forget everything else. Now, frankly speaking (pun intended?), I am not a huge hot dog fan. I mean I love the occasional dirty dog from NYC, and my grandparents and parents can make a mean onions in red sauce BUT hot dogs aren’t my thing. But once I bit into that mound of deliciousness everything was right in world… And yes I ate most of my 2 orders of fries…. Ginger and Mary Ann both ordered a double dog. 2 of those same glorious Vienna beef sticks all on 1 bun covered in mustard. According to them it was defiantly an award winning stick of beef. (twss)

After that lovely and ultra satisfying lunch, we went to millennium park. The giant Lima bean!!! That thing is awesome and fun to look at. It reflects the view of everything around it and distorts it all at the same time. Quite amazing, again pictures to follow. We also checked out the huge amphitheater thingy, not really sure what it’s called but I think you get the idea. Then went down to the water… Let me just say that lake Michigan seems to be the sailing lake… I think I would need like 40 sets of fingers and toes to count all the sails boats docked… Pure craziness.

While at the docks we saw that there was a storm coming, so we decided to high tail it up to wrigley’s field so catch that photo op. Being that it was 6 miles away we caught a taxi with a lovely man from Romania. Anyone know of any single ladies in Chicago for my man Gabriel? We should hook him up, he’s been here 6 months and a joy to drive with. So we caught our pictures, while it was raining and then we figured we should hit up the next leg of our journey… Ohio.

After an odd train ride, which entailed a really hot girl falling on me, and me making some quick witted “frank” style jokes, we got back to the car, Mary Ann called to cancel the hotel in porter Indiana. Let me start by saying that the cancellation said we had till 5pm central time and it was only 4:02 pm central time. In typical italian fashion I would be screaming at the guy on the phone, but Mary Ann kept her cool. Let me take a second to talk about the Indian fellow on the other end of the line. He kept saying please hold one moment, I’m just checking on that… He said that like 15 times or about 9 minutes…

Now off to Sandusky… Callahan auto here we come.

Please hold one moment, I’m just checking on that….